Chairman Ting Industries Inc.
A creative art studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

Jameson Whiskey First Shot

Art direction, design, illustration, poster, Typography

New movie poster design and illustration I did for Jameson Whiskey’s First Shot produced by Kevin Spacey and starring Adrien Brody, a Trigger Street Productions. The movie will premiere in Hollywood LA this Saturday June 26th. We fly down to LA this Friday from Vancouver, just a few days after we land from our 2 month stay in Toronto. We hope to see all these famous faces there this weekend.

I was commissioned to design and illustrate was for Stephen Tempier’s winning script called ‘Boredom’ and the creative development was just based on the text of the movie which I worked on while on vacation in the Mediterranean (I know, what a hard life). Every word on the poster was also done by hand to match my quirky hand drawn illustrations.